An Esthetician friend of mine used to joke with her clients, “you’ll spend $2,000.00 on a handbag, but you won’t spend $89 on a facial.” I always thought her candor was both amusing and refreshing.

The point she was trying to make is that your face is your most valuable accessory and one that  you wear every single day.

Many people view facials and other spa treatments as luxuries and reserve them only for special occasions, or worse, wait until they are in crisis with their skin before seeking professional counsel.

The misconception that skin care services are costly, should be received for special occasions, or can wait until matters are dyer, has got to go. This thinking does a serious disservice to not only the health of your skin but also your wallet.

Today I would like to set the record straight. We will discuss why monthly services are important, how they can benefit your skin and self-esteem, and how they ultimately save you money.

Why Monthly Skin Services Are Important

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a woman say, “I just woke up one morning and felt like I looked 10 years older.” Well, you know how the rest goes.

Regular facial treatments are the number one way to promote anti-aging. According to Marie Finger, Medical Esthetician for Glo Med Spa, skin care services can diminish up to 10 years of age. However, receiving facial services before the onset of visible signs of aging can put you way ahead of the curve.

Monthly services are recommended because (conveniently) the cells of the skin turnover in about the same time as one calendar month (28 days for skin cells renewal, to be specific). What we are aiming to do is to force those cells to turn over even more aggressively than they do naturally, so the body works for us, rather than against us.

As we age, our cells turnover slower, resulting in loss of collagen and elastin fibers. We begin to experience dull, lifeless skin, sagging skin, signs of sun damage (hyperpigmentation and melasma), fine lines and wrinkles, and a general discontentment with the overall appearance of ourselves.

Receiving monthly services can reduce or diminish all or many of these adverse reactions. The earlier you can start taking care of your skin, the better. Monthly services help correct, and more importantly – maintain healthy skin.

Benefits of Monthly Skin Care Services

By now you are beginning to see the importance and benefits that come along with routine skin care services. Monthly services help maintain radiant, youthful skin, while also targeting issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and a slew of other skin conditions I talk about further in this article.

If you are still not convinced your wallet or face need to see a professional on a monthly basis, then continue reading. Below are the top benefits to receiving monthly services.

juvederm to add volume to laugh lines7 benefits to Monthly Skin Care Services

1. Stimulates collagen destroyed by environmental damage

Most facial services include some form of exfoliation with them. Exfoliating the skin removes unwanted, dead skin cells to reveal brighter, more vibrant cells below. It also causes minute trauma to the body, which boosts collagen and elastin production.

Collagen is responsible for that plump, youthful appearance of the skin and elastin is responsible for the quick snap back of skin when you pull on it.

2. Removes built-up dead skin cells

Some services, like microdermabrasion or dermaplaning, superficially exfoliate the skin by nature. Microdermabrasion abrades the surface layer of the skin with crystals or a wand tip. Dermaplaning manually “shaves” off dead cells, along with vellus facial hair.

Other services, like IPL Photofacial or rezenerate, slough off dead cells as a byproduct of boosting collagen synthesis and cellular renewal.

3. Improves skin’s health

Spa services do more than just remove dead skin and promote new cellular growth, they actually help heal the skin. Within the initial 24 hours of service, transcription factor proteins, cytokines, and inflammatory mediators that help regulate wound healing are produced. In addition, fibroblast activation protein – which breaks down degraded collagen, typical of photodamaged skin – is induced dramatically.

4. Slows down aging

Skin care treatments stimulate blood circulation to the epidermis of the skin. The epidermal layer receives nutrients by diffusion, not directly from blood vessels, as it is devoid of them. By stimulating blood flow, fresh, oxygenated blood is pulled to the surface of the skin and provides vitamins and nutrients essential to youthful appearing skin.

5. Improves pore size and skin texture

Pores cannot technically be shrunk, but they can be minimized. Pores are often enlarged, or stretched, from dirt, oil, and dead skin becoming trapped within them and underneath a layer of skin. Over time, this causes the pores to expand to accommodate their unwanted house guests.

By receiving professional treatments, pores are cleansed of their debris and allowed to minimize to their natural size – which most of are actually quite okay with. It is only after environmental abuse and months of improper care they become large and we become unhappy with their appearance.

Skin texture is improved with clean, debris-free pores and without dead cells dulling the surface layer of skin.

6. Better product absorption

Without a buildup of dead skin, dirt, oil, and environmental toxins, products are able to penetrate better and deeper, thus resulting in a lower amount needed (saving you money) and an increase in effectiveness.

7. Saves money

The National average cost of a facelift is $7,048 and over 16 billion dollars were spent on cosmetic plastic surgery in 2016.

The average non-invasive skin care treatment, such as microdermabrasion or dermaplaning, is less than $150 per treatment. The average minimally invasive treatment, such as Botox injections, is less than $400.

Receiving regular facial treatments can prolong the desire or need for minimally invasive treatments and forego any desire or need for cosmetic plastic surgery altogether.

At Glo Med Spa, we have a very affordable monthly membership that includes a multitude of our services to choose from. We understand not everyone can justify or afford a few hundred dollars a month to maintain skin health and thus we designed our membership to be a synergistic relationship between you, the client, and us, the provider.

Save Money With Our Membership Program