Skin Care Products You Can Trust

Taking care of your skin daily to protect your skin from the environment we live in day to day such as sun exposure(the harmful UV rays). Polution and toxins that our skin is exposed to everyday. These environmental issues damage our skin and it’s foundation which is your collagen. Collagen is the brick and mortar to keeping your skin healthy.

Daily Care With The Right Products

Your daily home care regimen only takes a few minutes am/pm and will make a huge difference in protecting and helping improve the youthfulness and health of your skin. A healthy routine includes:

  • Cleansing, using topical vitamin c’s or plant extracts, moisturizing with skin care that brings hydration to the skin to give you a plumper more grape like texture verses a raisins texture.
  • Sun protection, a sun block that has the correct active ingredient’s that will block the damaging UV ray’s and an eye cream that will correct, protect and hydrate the delicate eye area.

At Glo Med Spa we carry some of the very best skin care available at a great value. glo therapeutics and glo-minerals (award winning make up), have a very diverse selection for us to provide you with the right home care customized just for you and your skin’s present health and issues. We have studied and used many different types of products and product lines and believe that glo therapeutics and glo-minerals are some of the leaders in skin care.

Make Up that Cares For Your Skin

Is the make-up you are wearing good for you skin? glo-minerals is filled with vitamin’s, minerals and a huge selection of colors to choose from. glo-minerals is simply skin care with color. glo-minerals is not heavy and never feels like your wearing make-up. glo-minerals has SPF in it’s pressed powder and you will look fabulous while getting the protection and vitamin’s and mineral’s your skin needs to thrive.

Remember, your skin is your largest living organ! Protect it like your heart! stay looking and feeling fabulous with you daily home care regimen.

Easy Returns

We accept product returns within 15 days of purchase for a credit to use on other skin care or procedures. (some exclusion’s may apply)

We offer complimentary make-overs and skin care product consultations.

Call us today for your private make over and consultation.

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