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Photofacials Near Me in Austin, TX

Glo Med Spa Offers Photofacials for Patients Looking for Facial Rejuvenation Skin Treatments. Schedule an Appointment With One of Our Medical Professionals Today! Please Call (512) 643-9171 for More Information.

Photofacials Near Me in Austin, TX

This anti-aging trade marked procedure was created by Dr. Patrick Bitter Sr. in 1995. Photofacial™ treatment is performed using a technology called IPL. Marie Strickland -Finger is one of only two Med Spa’s here in Austin that trained under Dr. Bitter and Marie uses Dr. Bitters proprietary technique and settings for your particular skin type to give you safe yet the most optimal results that can be achieved. Marie has been performing Photofacial’s for 17 years and has some of the most extensive training in the aesthetic field. Marie Strickland-Finger has performed in the many 10’s of 1000’s of treatments on all area’s of the body and many harder to treat skin types. Marie has the experience to help you achieve safe , yet affective results. If your looking for achieving a much more youthful appearance, Marie Strickland-Finger and IPL Photofacial™ is a great choice.

In the words of medical aesthetician Marie Strickland-Finger IPL, which stands for intense pulsed light, “is not a laser but is a powerful light source that is used for skin rejuvenation and has the ability to penetrate the skin with minimal skin damage. Like the laser, it works by filtering various wavelengths of light to react with specific skin conditions,” effectively stimulating skin regeneration in the epidermis as well as the dermis via increased collagen and elastin fibre production by gently injuring the deep layers of the skin while sparing damage to its outer layers, inducing a natural wound healing mechanism.

This controlled injury imposed on the dermis, which is below the skin’s most superficial layer, the epidermis, is a major factor in what leads to reportedly younger, fresher, tighter skin.

The effects of aging on the dermal layer are significant. Not only does the dermal layer thin, but also less collagen is produced, and the elastin fibers that provide elasticity wear out. These changes in the scaffolding of the skin cause the skin to wrinkle and sag.” By stimulating their production, you could say IPL photofacials, at least in theory, turn back the clock.

IPL Photofacial™ treatments also have an impact on acne, reducing sebaceous gland activity as well as constricting blood vessels to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries or spider veins and targeting dark pigment, which lessens the appearance of dark spots.

A Photofacial™, or Fotofacial, also known as photorejuvenation, is a treatment touted to reverse sun damage, even out facial color as well as improve tone and texture in the process and what many are unaware of, it will tighten the skin with a very noticeable difference when performed properly by using a protocol of settings and in a particular time frame of 5 session’s.

Photofacials Near Me in Austin, TX

The Expertise Behind the Technology

About Dr. Bitter Sr.
Patrick H. Bitter, Sr., MD

Cosmetic Dermatologist Epi Center Medical Associates and Co-Founder Epi Center MedSpa

World-recognized, Dr. Patrick Bitter, Sr. has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 45 years. As a cosmetic dermatologist, his passion is skin rejuvenation and laser technology. He began his work with aesthetic lasers in 1979. It is with this dedication and devotion that he conceived one of the most sought after procedures around the globe, the PhotoFacial.

In 1995, he was one of the first to purchase Intense Pulsed Light technology and began developing treatment protocols for skin rejuvenation. In 1998, he went public with his research and introduced the PhotoFacialSM procedure. This treatment, also known as IPL PhotoRejuvenation, revolutionized skin care and is now performed around the world.

He performed FDA clinical trials for hair removal, collagen, and several laser procedures – all treatments that have shaped the industry today. As such, he is an advisor to many international laser technology companies and frequently lectures on the subject. He has trained physicians from all over the world. He has also assisted in the development of five skin care products.

For his tremendous contribution to the industry of dermatology and medical cosmetics, Dr. Bitter was voted Dermatologist of the Year in 2013 and received an award on behalf of the American Cancer Society, given by Lynne Cheney, the wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney. In his spare time, Dr. Bitter has run 42 marathons, 5 ultra marathons and multiple triathlons, including the Ironman in Hawaii.

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