Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Therapy has been around for centuries as a way to detoxify the body. Infrared’s deep penetrating heat is what most effectively stimulates metabolic activity, which in turn triggers the release of stored toxins through sweat, as well as through the liver and kidneys.

An infrared sauna uses invisible wavelengths of light in the infrared spectrum to produce heat. This radiant energy is one of the types of invisible energy produced by the sun. Unlike ultraviolet energy used in sun tanning, which could be harmful, infrared energy is harmless and has been shown to have numerous health benefits. It creates heat in the body without heating the surrounding air. This allows an infrared sauna to work at lower temperatures than a traditional sauna. It is more comfortable and efficient.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna:

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone
  • Helps increase circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Promotes relaxation and improves sleep
  • Burns upwards of 600 calories
  • Decreases pain and recovery time
  • Treats chronic pain conditions such as Fribromyalgia
  • Aids in muscle recovery and helps prevent infection
  • Increase metabolism and boosts the immune system

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