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Erika Alvarez

Erika Alvarez, Licensed Esthetician at Glo Med Spa & Wellness in Austin, TX

Erika Alvarez is a licensed esthetician and experienced laser technician at Glo Med Spa. In order to address skin disorders with proper treatment regimens, Erika establishes relationships with her patients. Get to know Erika Alvarez. We are conveniently located at 9801 Anderson Mill Road Suite 120 Austin, TX 78750. For more information call us or simply make an appointment online.

Erika is a licensed Esthetician and Professional Laser Technician at Glo Med Spa in Austin, TX

Erika Alvarez

Erika is a licensed Esthetician and Professional Laser Technician. She is passionate about treating acne and acne scarring and is super knowledgeable about skincare and products. Erika forms partnerships with her patients to address skin concerns with appropriate treatment plans. She is proficient with laser treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, IPL Photofacial, and PicoLazer, as well as Microneedling and Radio Frequency treatments. Erika is a certified Phlebotomist, who specializes in PRP/PRFM treatments including hair loss.