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Benefits of Chemical Peels

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are facial cosmetic treatments that remove dead skin cells while stimulating the creation of new cells. Chemical peels can help to minimise or repair fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, uneven skin tone, and other skin flaws. If you have a rough, patchy, or uneven skin tone, then visit us to benefit from chemical peels at Glo Med Spa and Wellness to improve the texture of your skin. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 9801 Anderson Mill Rd #120, Austin, TX 78750.

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels? Glo Med Spa
What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels? Glo Med Spa

Chemical peels are a great way to address many skin concerns like wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. A chemical peel may be a fantastic option if you want an easy way to have clearer, brighter, and more youthful skin.

Table of Contents:

What are the benefits of chemical peels?
Who is a good candidate for chemical peels?
How often should you get chemical peels?
What is the difference between a chemical peel and exfoliating?

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What are the benefits of chemical peels?

Here are 7 great benefits of chemical peels:
1. Chemical peels will reduce fine lines by removing the layer of dead skin cells that can accumulate on your skin. Removing them will leave healthier and smoother-looking skin.
2. You are able to correct signs of sun damage on your neck, face, and hands with a chemical peel.
3. Chemical peels help address issues with acne. Lighter peels that are done in a series can clear mild to moderately severe acne.
4. Chemical peels can improve the look of scars, especially acne scars. They can also work in conjunction with other treatments to reduce more severe scarring.
5. They can be used to address pigment issues. Chemical peels work well on hyperpigmentation, age spots, and melasma.
6. Chemical peels leave you with a better skin tone and texture. These peels will stimulate the regenerative process in your skin, giving you a more youthful look and glow.

Chemical peels will allow your other skin care products to work more effectively. The removal of dead skin cells allows skin care products to penetrate your skin more easily and do what they are designed to do.

Who is a good candidate for chemical peels?

Chemical peels can provide long-lasting results for different skin types and tones. They do work better on fairer skin tones with thin layers. People who want to address fine lines, acne, sun damage, or forms of uneven skin color are good candidates. If you have realistic expectations about what chemical peels can do, you are a good candidate.
People who have freckles are not good candidates for chemical peels as they can leave unnatural-looking results.
Chemical peels are not very effective on heavy sagging skin or deep wrinkles. They are also not very effective in treating extra oily or bulging skin.
People with darker skin tones may have different results and leave the skin with an uneven appearance.
Chemical peels are not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. They are not recommended for people who have cold sore outbreaks or skin diseases.

How often should you get chemical peels?

Every person is different and their beauty needs are different as well. So, the frequency of having a chemical peel will vary for each person depending on what issue they are addressing and what their beauty goals are. A discussion with an aesthetician will give you a better idea of how frequently you should have chemical peels done.
If you are getting light chemical peels, a monthly program can be very effective. Medium peels will require a longer time between treatments, up to six months. If you are getting a deep peel to address certain scarring issues, you may want to wait a year or longer between each of these.

What is the difference between a chemical peel and exfoliating?

Exfoliation is a great way to revive your skin. It removes dead skin cells that can trap oils and dirt and allows for the regeneration of new skin cells. It can be helpful to know the difference between exfoliating and chemical peels.
Exfoliants work to remove dead skin cells and improve complexion. They tend to be more mechanical in nature, using scrubs or devices to remove dead skin. Chemical peels will use acids or other chemicals to remove the bonds that can hold dead cells to your skin. Depending on what type of skin you have a chemical peel may be more effective. Chemical peels will penetrate more deeply into the skin than a simple exfoliation.
Glo Med Spa and Wellness Center offers chemical peels and facials to help you reach your beauty goals. Contact us to find out more about our chemical peels or make an appointment online. We are located at 9801 Anderson Mill Rd #120, Austin, TX 78750. We serve patients from Austin TX, Cedar Park TX, Volente TX, Pflugerville TX, Round Rock TX, Leander TX, Volente TX, Brushy Creek TX, Williamson County TX, and surrounding areas.